A little catch up

This summer so far has had two types of weather – rain and scorching heat.   In my normal, non preggo state I am a summer baby and love the heat.  I never turned on the AC in my truck unless my mother was in it.  I never installed window units in the house until TB moved in and required them.  I always enjoyed the warm weather since I felt like I was always cold the rest of the year.

Oh how life has changed.  I knew going into pregnancy that things would change and I was ok with this idea because, well, it’s just how things work.  Then you get pregnant and you turn into an alien.  I seriously don’t even know myself anymore.

I can’t stand the heat!  I also all of the sudden like chocolate!  (It’s definitely TB’s kid in there.)

If the temperature goes above 75 I think I am going to die.  If you add humidity in its even worse.  I used to be able to go for hours working in the garden before collapsing.  Now that time frame has been shortened to about 30 minutes.

So to recap my preggo life so far:

First few months = no energy and lots of laying on the couch.

Last few months = more energy but no ability to deal with heat while its 100 degrees everyday so more sitting on the couch.

As you can imagine from both these scenarios, I haven’t been getting as much done as I would like.  Even through all the heat and exhaustion, I am still me and basically cannot sit still.   I have been trying to figure out things I can do inside that don’t require a lot of physical labor.  Soon you will be seeing a new line of ecofriendly products in the shop to add to the furniture and reclaimed wood signs I already have going.   I have also been tweaking and updating this site and the Etsy shop.

All this is to say that even though TB will not let me carry anything over 5 pounds which makes getting furniture done a bit harder,  it’s hotter than I can deal with and my belly has now grown to a size that it’s getting in the way a lot, I am still working hard!  I am looking ahead to make sure this Ridiculous Redhead has new stuff for you to see (and buy!) while I go through the rest of the pregnancy and also when we welcome the baby.   I have also been thinking a lot about making some videos tutorials on my most requested stuff as long as you don’t laugh when my belly gets stuck on something.

As always suggestions and questions are welcome!  Are there ecofriendly home things you are looking for but can’t find? I love reading and answering your emails and comments.

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