Less Waste, More Green?

I have been trying in my home life and my design business to find ways to be less wasteful and more green.  As many of you know this can become overwheming and cause more guilt than an Irish Catholic grandmother.  Part of the motivation behind this blog is to explore the options, get your input and maybe inspire others to get in on the action.

Sometimes when getting a project together it’s all you can do to figure out how to get it done without looking like your 3 year old nephew was the foreman on the job.  So after much advice and research you get a plan together.  Then you realize that the photos in the article explaining the ‘traditional’ way to do something show the demo man in not only highwaisted jeans from 1985 but also a gas mask and industrial gloves that could shield him from radioactive waste. You think to yourself “Self, that hazmat suit won’t due anything for my figure and those heavy gauge rubber gloves will ensure I have the coordination of a drunk elephant.”

I have been finding I am in this situation all too often.  Not only do I have to learn how to do the job but then I have to figure a way to do it greener.  In my search I have found there are levels of green advice.  There are people who are proud if they remember to recycle and others who are so ecologically friendly that the wildlife in their backyards send fruit baskets. (Organic fruit, in reusable baskets and no cellophane wrap of course.)  There are also the people that still ask why I have to do ‘this whole green thing’ at all since it such a fad.  And even the most well meaning person can be stopped in their tracks once the issue of cost enters the conversation.  It can all be confusing.

So from time to time I will be highlighting different products or websites I have found and liked.  There will be some that tell me they go too far into crunchy granola land and others that say they don’t go far enough.  I welcome it.  The only way we learn is to explore and listen.  The only caveat is that I ask for mature discussion with no name calling!


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