Baking Bread to Keep Warm

This is the time of year when I am constantly questioning if it is cold enough to put the heat on.   There are days I walk around shivering looking for a sweater only to look at the thermostat and see it’s 73 degrees inside.  Other days I can’t believe how warm it is inside and see its on 66 or something.  We can learn:

1. I have no judgement for temperature.

2. If you are cleaning or working it will seem much warmer then if you are sitting on your rear end reading “the news” on TMZ.

In an effort to put off firing up the old furnace I have been trying other ways to keep the house warm while being way more green.

1. I open all the curtains in the house and close the windows.  I try to trap as much sunlight and warmth in the house during the day to last us through the night.  Our front sun room gets so warm in the afternoon that I leave our front door open and it keeps it quite toasty.

2. I put on long sleeves and/or socks.  As much as I hate the end of summer it is far better for the environment to put on a sweater than to crank the heat up so I can continue to wear shorts in November.

3. I bake.  Now you may say that I am using gas to fuel my oven which isn’t any different than using gas for the furnace.  Yes, with one big exception!  We have delicious breakfast!  I have made a banana bread which TB isn’t a fan of but tried anyway.   Then he asked for zucchini bread.   He loved it and I baked the second loaf this morning.  (Let’s just say that TB can be a bit picky so it was like hitting the jackpot.)  So my house is warm, smells good and we have breakfast for a few days.

4. We have a small space heater that looks like a fireplace that we used to give an extra boost of warmth.  It plugs in and is pretty efficient electricity wise.  It was a great help yesterday when there was no sun to trap inside due to the storm.  It’s also wonderful to get dressed in front of when it’s a little too chilly to change out of your warm pjs into cold clothes.

So far so good.  A good part of the northeast is covered in snow, it’s really cold outside and we are still in the high 60s inside without the furnace.  This is starting to feel like I have found a sale and I want to see how much more I can haggle to keep the gas bill down.



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