Produce bags you don’t throw out Part 2

Part 2 – continue because I can’t get this little adventure to post as one page

To keep your broccoli in the bag we will need a drawstring.  I used some spare shoelace strings (They are actually extra back number strings from horse shows) but you can use anything you have like ribbon or twine. Just make sure it is washable since we are dealing with food.  The easiest way to thread it through it to attach a safety pin to the end so you can push it through.

drawstring threaded inside the pocket

You could definitely stop here and feel accomplished.  OR you can be like me and make things harder than they have to be.  To add color and more strength,  I hand sewed the edges with embroidery thread.  I frankly have no idea how to embroider and I don’t expect you too.  Just make it up.  And if it’s crooked and looks weird, just say you did that on purpose.  The broccoli won’t mind.

These flour sack clothes cost about $4-5 for 4, but will give you 8 bags.  I used some embroidery thread I had laying around but they sell for 39 cents a package.   The drawstring was a sewing box find also but it’s pretty cheap depending on what you pick.  And lastly, the Stitch Witchery is 3.99 here and it will come in very handy more times than you can imagine.  Altogether this is a easy, cheap and good for the earth project!








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