The Green & White Dresser

So today we have a little makeover on a dresser.  Actually there was nothing little about this at all.  I found this dresser and thought it was a cute and a good size for shipping.  I thought I would just strip the paint off and throw new paint on.  It was one of this times that the project looked so simple.

The dresser had about 6-8 layers of paint in some spots.  Other places the old paint had chipped off long ago and there were only one or two layers.  One of the layers was a beige paint that must have been made by NASA.  I have never had such a problem getting paint off in my life.

I started out using the Speedheater to try to get the paint off.  It’s uses heat bulbs to basically warm up the paint so you can scrape it off without getting hot enough to vaporize lead in paint should you ever run into that in an old house.  It worked well on the spots that had eight layers of paint but not the two layer spots.  Next I applied SoyGel, the paint stripper made with soybeans, and let it sit.  This got through a lot of it but not all.

Then I figured I would just sand the heck of it and be done with it.  For those who don’t know I hate, hate, hate sanding.  A light sanding is fine and a sense of accomplishment.  Power sanding is messy and I feel like I have to shower right after.  Your arms vibrate for an hour after.  And although I am a good girl and wear a dusk mask it is not enjoyable to wear for long periods of time.  But I sanded just to get it over with.  I went through a whole pack of 60 grit sanding paper.  Finally done after a total time spent of about 11 hours.

So after all that mess there was a few repairs to the back and a drawer then some priming, some painting and some more painting, with Safecoat’s very eco-friendly paints. Here is the before pic:

And here she is the after her new paint job.  Go visit her and see more pictures at the Kelly Sherman Design shop where she just went on sale!



  1. Michelle

    This is great! I love the designs you have on the drawers. How did you do them? Are they stencils? Please share!

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      The design was a stencil I got at a craft store awhile back. It was intended for another piece but I thought it would give this dresser a little something extra. Thanks for popping over to say hello!

  2. Shelly

    I am so glad you stuck with this one! LOVE that apple green color. When I was about 12, I painted my dresser/vanity combo in a very similar color. The stencil patter is gorgeous as well… {sigh…}

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      I am a huge fan of the green! It’s one of those things that everyone thinks you’re crazy and in the end they love it. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Sharon

    Fantastic! Thanks for the tips on stripping the paint.

  4. Michelle Rinosa-Sy

    Hi Kelly! I just want to drop by and inform you that this project is mentioned in my blog post. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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