The Green Hex Table

As we have discussed before, I love to bring home ugly things and prove that they can look nice and be useful again.  I especially love doing that when TB has asked me why I am putting “that piece of crap” into the car to bring home.

So case in point, we started with an ugly hexagon table.  It was a dark wood that instantly reminds one of the 1970s.  In fact there were a bunch of people who said their parents had the exact table when they were kids.  On the upside it is a nice substantial piece of furniture with lots of storage behind those doors.

Here is the before:

I know what you’re thinking.  That is one sexy table.

It’s so sad looking.  So what to do with it.  I admit, this one sat around for awhile since I really didn’t know what to do with it.    It was suggested I do something with two colors, accenting the drawer fronts.  That made me think of bad 1980s cabinets and since we were already involved with one bad decade I thought I should stand clear of two bad decades. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, I wanted to emphasize.

Well then, why not just go with green?  I mean I love anything in green right?  Then I thought that it might be a lot for someone to have something of this size all in bright green. So I painted the inside white!

The hardware was in great shape and I just cleaned up with a bit of lemon juice.  Apparently the hardware is pretty cool once you take it away from the terrible faux wood grain 70s mess.  It looks great next to the green.

It is currently waiting for a home as someone’s side table or nightstand in the shop.

So here you are.  The After:


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  1. Janice

    *Ahem* Yours truly wanted to bring one of those exact same hexagonal “pieces of crap” home some years back, because I thought the shape (six sides! so cool!) had so much potential, even though the 70s wood color was awful and would need to be refinished. Alas, I let my own “TB” talk me out of that one! (I do believe the “piece of crap” phrase was employed. Also, possibly a rant about “never get around to it” and “we don’t have room”, which to be fair might have had some validity.) Anyway, the table looks great in green! And we are left with the inevitable conclusion: don’t listen to those guys! 😉


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