Tall Cabinet Makeover

Today we have a makeover of a tall cabinet that I recently finished for a client.  It is a beautiful piece and very stately.

Here is the before picture:

Let me just say it upfront that this cabinet has been painted.  I know some of you will think this is sacrilege but I will refer you to my earlier post about where I stand on painting furniture – Painting Furnture: Felony or Awesome.  After reading that you will know that I paint for a reason.

As you can see from the next picture, the cabinet was in rough shape.  There were a lot of dings and some missing trim.  Fine. But the most important thing?  There was layers and layers of grooves and trim work.  It is all beautiful but very time consuming to strip.  Very time consuming.

When I arrived to see the cabinet for the first time, the client was prepared with pictures to show me of what she was looking for.  I would love to take credit for the after but she really knew what she wanted.  I suggested we use CeCe Caldwell’s paints in Vermont Slate with a wax finish.  Why?  There is no need to sand or prime which eliminated damage from a sander (or my arms falling off from hand sanding!).  Because this paint bonds so well, we wouldn’t have to worry about sanding every nook and cranny to make sure we got good adhesion.   The wax gives a sort of depth to the finish  so it would keep an old world feel.

It was also her idea to add the antique looking gold stencil to give the doors some detail.  I should really hire her to consult!

So here is the after:


And some close ups.



Thank you Theresa for letting work on this beauty!


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  1. Andi

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve played with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and love the no-sanding part. This paint is beautiful!!


  2. Sara

    Lovely! I really like the detail and the extra stencil you added. I haven’t tried Ce Ce Caldwells yet, but I want to!

  3. Suzan

    What an over the top gorgeous makeover!!!
    The piece has such beautiful details and the paint
    brings them out beautifully – the stencil was the perfect touch!
    Would love to have you come by and link up at a party I’m co-hosting today!
    Big hugs,

  4. Jenny Lynn

    It looks great with a fresh coat of paint. The stencil adds that special touch.

  5. Kathy

    Paint is such a marvelous tool to take somethiing ordinary or aged and make it extraordinary – you’ve done a fantastic job with this piece! Lovely lines – I’ll be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      Kathy – Thank you so much! I am honored.

  6. gail

    very pretty transformation! catching you!

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  8. Debbie

    Great job! And yes, THAT one needed the paint! 😉


  9. Christine

    Hi! You did a beautiful job on this piece. I’m constantly amazed at how really lovely furniture turns out to be so much more intricate and detailed once paint shows off its carvings and moldings.

    Speaking of molding, how did you patch that missing piece? That looked really rough, but in the finished photos I can’t tell! Did you just smooth it over or replace the molding?


    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      Christine, I tried to find a piece to match the molding but no luck. I was told I could have a custom piece done but for such a small part it was going to cost a ton. Instead I sanded any rough patches and painted. The chalk paint and wax combo gives dimension so it hide the spot pretty well!

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  11. Cami Davis

    Where did you get this stencil? This piece is amazing and am using it as an inspiration piece.

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      I think it was at AC Moore or Michaels


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