Spring in the Front Yard

Since it’s been a bit since we last visited the garden I figured I would catch all of you up.  In the interest of full disclosure these pics were taken about 2 weeks ago.  A lot of these blooms are now fading but since many of these plants are my favorites I really wanted to share.

First off are the lilacs that are in full bloom. I have never had a better year with tons and tons of flowers covering the tree.  Last year I think I only got like four flowers.  And no, I have no idea why since I have done little research on this plant.  It was here when I moved in and I have just tried not to kill it since then.  Apparently letting it run amok in the fall instead of pruning since you are getting married is the way to go.

Next up are my beautiful dark tulips.  I think I planted a ton of these two years ago but only a few came up.  Last year it never got cold enough to make these bulbs happy and maybe some just didn’t make it.  Or it could be that I really should throw some compost on them instead of just the veggies.

A few of these tulips came up this year.  I think these are from a batch of tulips I grabbed last year on a whim and of course didn’t write down any info about.  They are very interesting looking I think.

Another favorite is the azaleas.  There are 7 that go around the front of the house and one neighbor said they could be as much as 40 years old.  They make the yard look wonderful every year around Mother’s Day which is nice for when family visits.

And one shot of the front yard to get all of these beauties at once. The azaleas are just starting to bloom here and when they all go it’s pretty awesome.  To the right of the brown rain barrel are the hydrangeas I planted 3 falls ago.  It was one plant that fell apart when I dug it up and turned into 5 plants.  It took awhile to recover and now they are growing like crazy.

This past week has been rain day after day.  These plants are very happy and growing like crazy.  I love spring!!

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