It is gardening season!!

Today I walked outside to let Opie out and I checked my asparagus bed to see if anything was coming up.  I had 2 spears come up a couple of weeks ago but the snow and freezing temps stopped all progress in it’s tracks.   I counted six little asparagus spears popping through the dirt!  And you know what that means around these parts, right?

It is gardening season people! This is not a drill!


OK, technically I have been growing things for a bit in the basement under lights.  And there are seeds started under the hoop house.  But this is out in the open, no fancy tricks, things are growing on their own, type of gardening.  And that marks spring as far as I am concerned.  Of course it’s been freezing cold but I don’t care.  We are on out way.

This winter will just not end and I needed to know there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Just a little bit ago, while I was walking around the car to go to school drop off,  I stepped on what I thought was wet ground and wham!  I was on the ground so fast I didn’t even know what hit me.  Two skinned knees like I was a little kid and a scraped up hand later I was in a bit more pain than I want to admit.  I was hobbling everywhere so I didn’t have to bend my knees.  We have had snow storms regularly.  We had 4 Nor’Easters back to back.  I’m over it. The weather is supposed to be really nice this weekend and I don’t even believe it’s real.

But when I saw those asparagus pop through the mulch I had lovingly placed to keep them warm, I was so happy I literally skipped through my kitchen.  Not like everyone says literally, but actually literally. And that folks is the reason I garden.  Just pure happiness.  Plus lunch.

Just because I haven’t been keeping up on sharing it all here, doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work this winter.  I have tons of things I am working on:

– I am trying soil blocks to seed start for the first time instead of my beloved newspaper pots and I am in love.  This is a method of forming soil into a block without any kind of pot.

– I want to share what I am planning on growing and what I am starting for others who don’t like seed starting.

– How I am trying my best to include as much edible landscaping as possible as a way to have more garden space to plant.  Still not allowed to dig up the front lawn.

– And most fun of all I am working on a short video course on how to get started with gardening!  Totally free.  I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask for help to get a garden going but they have no idea where to start.  And as much I as I would love to come to all of your houses for a glass of wine and some gardening, I only have so much time in my week. This will be a really basic nuts and bolts of how to start with the goal of eating something you have grown yourself this summer.  I have the ideas all worked out, the videos are almost done.  I’m really very excited since this has been an idea in my head for awhile and I had to get over being nervous on camera. Keep an eye out for a post soon with all the details!


So if you are as excited about spring and gardening as I am, stay tuned.  Also, check out my Instagram where I like to post action shots of carrots doing awesome things.

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