DirtBook – The Garden Tracker You Need

While I haven’t been posting here for awhile, I have still been gardening!

In fact I have expanded the garden, built a greenhouse and have learned new skills. (More on all of that soon!) Adding so many things meant there were a lot of moving parts that needed to be tracked.

I love to be organized but nothing I tried really kept all the information together like I wanted to. Just picture notebooks with sticky notes everywhere. Little lists of the things I needed to do each day in my pocket. Seed packs and garden maps all over my office. I have tried notebooks and spreadsheets and planting apps but nothing really worked.

So I created my own tracking system, DirtBook! It tracks the plants you grow, the garden locations, what actions you took to plant or repot and the observations you had about the weird bugs or germination rates. It’s totally customizable.

And I thought you might want a copy.

You can start out super simple or get fancy, it’s up to you.

And the best part is it’s just a one time fee. There is no hidden subscription fee like some apps!

Click the link here to get started with DirtBook!

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