Ridiculous Garden Club

Hello everyone! I have started the Ridiculous Garden Club to get us all together to talk gardening and maybe have a drink.

RGC invite


I would love for all of us to share what we are growing and be able to ask questions of the group. I have spoken with a bunch of people who would like to give gardening a go but don’t really know where to start so I figured this would be a great way to help each other.  This garden club is for those who like to garden with a drink, or like to drink while looking at plants or even for those who just like to drink outside. No gardening experience necessary.

I have started a Facebook group so all the members can share information, ask questions and maybe swap plants or seeds.  As we get going there will be lots of events to join in to share a drink in the garden and talk plants.  

(Click here to join the Ridiculous Garden Club on Facebook)

This is not going to be a stuffy club where we only talk about prized roses and who had family on the Mayflower.  I want this to be a fun group that anyone who is interested in gardening can join.  We already have very experienced gardeners and also people who have never gardened.  Some of us have large gardens and other have a small container garden on their patios.  If you want to grow herbs in your window, that works too.  Maybe you’re really only interested in looking at some pretty flowers while sipping a cocktail?  Come join in.

And don’t think you can’t participate if you aren’t local to NJ!  So far we have members from California, Minnesota, DC, New York and Paris, France.

I hope you join in and say hello!  Ask questions, share info and make a new friend.

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