Back to “Normal”

So I have been rather scarce around here lately which has been pointed out by more than a few.  I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what is appropriate in this “new normal” as it’s being called after the storm.

I have had a hard time blogging about painting furniture when my friends have lost their, well, everything.  I kind of feel like I am saying  “Oh I know you life sucks right now but isn’t this green table totally awesome?”  Like, there are more important things to talk about.

I have been asked a lot lately if I have found a lot of great furniture from all the stuff that has been thrown out after the storm.  And you know what, I haven’t picked up one piece.  I am a big fan of garbage picking great stuff.  Most people throw away awesome things because they don’t know how to fix them.  I have a great chair in the shop right now that is really cool that was sitting at the curb.   I love saving things from the landfill death.

But this storm is different.  I have had a hard time driving up and taking something while the family is crying in their front lawn.  Sometimes there is so much stuff laying everywhere you can’t tell what they are keeping and what they are throwing away.  I mean what if I went by and took the dresser that was sitting there and it turned out that they weren’t throwing it out.  Maybe it was the only thing they could save and it was just outside drying in the sun.  And how do I walk up to someone “Hey you still want that dresser or can I take it?”  There have been many gawkers taking pictures like it’s a zoo that I don’t want it to even seem like I am one of them.

I also have a touch of survivor guilt.  We lost power and had some branches down but we are ok.  And I feel bad even writing that.  I don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face.

But life must move on.  We help when we can and keep working.  Back to work.  Someone has to pay for that high end dog food Opie loves so much.

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