How much pesto can one person eat?

So let me start out by saying I am an animal person.  At one point during a party I can be found sitting on the floor with the family dog, who is usually better company than most of the party guests.  I have in the past killed both ivy and a cactus, too little and too much watering respectively.  Almost all of the flowers/plants in my yard are perennials that were planted long ago by the previous owner.  But I believe that I can learn.

So this year I planted a garden.  Raised beds, organic compost, chicken wire gates all around.  I picked out my veggies and herbs, made a map of where everything should go and started seeds in February.  I assumed with my track record I would have a 75-85% kill rate and planted lots of seeds.  When I transplanted them into the garden I had lots of tiny seedlings to pick from.   So taking into account my high kill rate I planted 5 basil plants, figuring I would get one nice one – maybe.  Well its a funny thing but basil likes organic compost in direct sunlight.  In fact it’s quite fond of it.  All five grew.  And grew.

Now basil is what I like to call an  “F -you” kind of plant.  You snip a bit to make some pesto, excited for your first batch.  It says ‘f-you’ I will grow bigger!  So simple math will give us this:

5 basil plants + lots of organic compost + harvested regularly = More basil than you can ever figure out what to do with.

This is one harvest where I took less than a third off each plant.  Yes it takes up a large portion of my counter.

This is what the plants looked like AFTER the above was harvested.  These are about 2 ft high.  (Those boards are 2x6s).

I have given it away.  The BF eats basil with fresh mozzarella and our tomatoes (you will here about those soon) a lot.   I have made batches and frozen pesto in ice cube trays so I will be set for the winter.  I have made this lovely little shrimp and broccoli many, many times.

The funny part of this whole thing is I was never a big pesto fan to begin with.  I am a cream sauce girl all the way.

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