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A big part of what I try to do with Kelly Sherman Design is find ways to make awesome things without so much waste.  A lot of thought goes into each design because not only do I have to figure out what the makeover should be but what products to use.  Often I see something in a magazine or online that I want to try on a piece I have but then I find out the products used don’t work with my philosophy.  So I then have a lot of trial and error to see what I can use instead to get the same look.  This whole process can be such a challenge but I really do enjoy it.

So great, I have this eco piece and someone has bought it – woohoo!  Now I have to ship it.  Shipping in itself has a carbon footprint with all the fuel etc. so I try to minimize that where I can.  The furniture all gets shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, wrapped in old blankets that can be used again.   When I started making the reclaimed wood signs, I needed to figure out how to ship them without sending packaging to the landfill too.  At the very least, it needed recycled products in the shipping materials.  Oh, and it has to be affordable.  A lot of my customers don’t care if they are buying eco stuff as long as they like the piece.  They are surely not going to pay lots more for an eco envelope.

In my search for eco options I found just like with lots of other things, my shipping options suffered from “green washing”.  The envelope will say that it is recycled and when you read the fine print it says “10% recycled”.  There is just enough recycled material in the product to be able to stamp “Recycled” on it and fool the customer into thinking it’s better than it is.  And after is gets used there is no way to reuse the envelope which then just gets thrown in the trash.

Then I found a company called EcoEnclose online.  They are dedicated to finding ways to make shipping greener and have invented some very cool products.  I have been using the Biodegradable Bubble Mailers  since last fall and I have to say I really love them.  They are high quality and I feel secure sending something to the Netherlands (yes the Netherlands – my first international order 2 weeks ago!!!!) and it arrived safely.

The envelope features two glue strips so once the customer receives the envelope they can reuse it another time. The bubble mailers I am currently using are compostable.  The poly mailers are recyclable as a plastic #4.   Some of the other products available are:

– 100% recycled poly mailers and bubble mailers

– 100% recycled rigid mailers

– 100% recycled boxes

– 100% clear bags

– 100% recycled shipping labels

– Eco-friendly packing tape options including paper tape and biodegradable, plant based clear packing tape

While looking at prices, these were also cheaper than the no recycled, throw in the landfill variety available at the box stores too.  So it’s eco and cheaper!  And they can be customized with your logo if you wish.

As much as I love these envelopes, I have been putting off writing this post for awhile.  I am a pretty upfront kind of person and I was very concerned about losing my street cred with all of you if I started pushing products on this blog.  I have thought a lot about it and feel that if a certain products meets my awesomely high standards then why wouldn’t I share it with you?

I, like a lot of you, spend a lot of time researching products in our lives because we are concerned about if they are good for us and the planet.  You will see me start to tell you about things I love and use that fit into this eco world I am trying to live in.  I promise to always be up front on my motives and let you know if I receive any kind of compensation.

I have included links to the EcoEnclose site and there are buttons on the right that will take you there.   I am now an affiliate and if you click on the links and then purchase something, I do get a small commission.  If that makes you uncomfortable, then use the Google and go there on your own.

The website with my affiliate link: EcoEnclose

I am a big fan of companies that want to focus on more eco products.  Many times innovation comes from small companies because they can get things done without the corporate rig amoral.   These are the companies I want to support!






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