New Stuff: Reusable Bags

Last year I shared with you a tutorial on how to make reusable produce bags.  Since then I have been using them regularly and really love having them.  I can’t even count the number of those plastic produce bags they have at the market that have been saved from a landfill.   It also saves me from trying to reach them, I mean why do they have to place the dispenser so high?

I made the bags out of flour sack cloth and then hand embroidered the edging.  They are very sturdy and haven’t shown any wear and tear at all yet.  If they get dirty I just throw them in the washer and dryer and that’s it.  I keep them in the bag with the reusable grocery bags and just grab it when I head to the market.  Easy.

I have gotten a lot of compliments on the bags from other shoppers and frequently from the cashiers.  I like being told how pretty they are because just because something is ecofriendly doesn’t mean it has to be beige or boring, right?  I like that my potatoes get dressed up to be taken home!

People ask where I bought them.  When I say I made them, I get asked where they can buy them.  I usually mention that I have a tutorial on how I made them but I get a lot of “I don’t sew but thanks anyway” looks.  So for all those who don’t sew, don’t have time or whatever I now have them available in the Etsy shop!

Currently there are a bunch of different bags for sale:  small, medium and large or sets of 3 (one of each size).  They are all made of 100% commercial grade flour sack cloth which is really durable. The difference from the tutorial is these bags are sewn together instead of using fusible tape for the seams. I have carried 5 pounds of apples home without a thought in mine. The edging is hand embroidered to give the seams extra strength and a bit of color!   For the drawstrings, I have used a variety of ribbons which also adds a little style.  (I used basic cording for mine but I figured I would make they nicer for you guys!)

These bags also have tons of other uses.  I have been told they are great for keeping loaves of crusty bread, well, crusty instead of soggy since the material can breathe.  I have been meaning to try this out but a loaf of crusty bread doesn’t last very long around TB and I.   I have also grabbed these bags to carry a sandwich and snacks for lunch.  Aside from food uses, they would be good at corralling clutter or toys or anything really besides liquids.  That’s where breathable fabric is not your friend!

Here are a few pictures of some of the bags I currently have available.  I will be adding more to the shop as they are ready.  If you have a a certain size or color you are interested in, let me know and I can make something custom for you.  If you like something, click the link above the picture and it will take you straight to the shop.

Set of 3 bags with pastel pink, blue and yellow stitching:

69 crop 640


Set of 3 bags white stitching with blue plaid ribbon:

72 crop 712


1 small bag with black stitching and black & white ribbon:

77 c 800


Set of 3 brown stitching with brown ribbon: (these have a mid-century vibe that I love!)

71 crop 687


Let me know what you think!

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  1. Linda

    I think they are very nice. I just like the way they LOOK – never mind that they are also useful. Best wishes, Linda

    Come share:

  2. Patti

    What a neat, (and pretty!) take on reuseable bags. Those can be used for lots of other things, too. (A great shoe bag???)
    I love the black ribbon one. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. gail

    the hand stitching on these flour sack bags really set them apart. Love them

    catching you!

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  5. Rhonda

    I saw your wonderful bags on My Repurposed Life. You should come party with us starting at 9:00pm cst tonight. Come by and link up!

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