Kerf’s Wood Cream

Happy New year to you all! I hope now that the hangovers are mostly gone we can back to business.

Have you ever been so in love with something that you never knew you needed?  I have found myself reaching for this stuff a bunch lately, even for things that it wasn’t intended for.

While looking for a greener option for paste wax for furniture I found Kerf’s Wood Cream.  I came across it using The Google and figured I would give it a try.  It was developed and is still made in Washington State in small batches by a nurse which all sound like great things.

I have used the Wood Cream on the Dropleaf Coffee Table I wrote about a bit ago as a finish.  I also used it to freshen up my old dining room table before Christmas dinner.

I used the Lavender Wood Lotion as a top coat on the Vintage Telephone Table I shipped for a a little extra glide against the packing materials. I have even used it on the edges of a cardboard box I decoupaged because it’s humid and the lid was sticking.

So far I have loved it.  There is a lovely scent that more often comes from bath products than wood finishers.  And, it does it’s job of making what ever I use it on look even better.

The formula contains local beeswax mixed with kosher food grade mineral oil.  How you feel about this depends on where you land on the Green-O-Meter.  Some will not like the mineral oil aspect but other oil options have their problems too.  Olive oil will go rancid.  Walnut oil must be boiled which I have read can turn it toxic.  Plus people with nut allergy may have problems and may get a reaction from their furniture!  (“I swear mom I didn’t sneak a peanut butter cup, I was just sitting on that chair being a good boy!”)  Still others such as vegans may have a problem with using beeswax.

So what do you think about all this?  Do you have any experience using Kerf’s products?  Have you had experience with other waxes you are happy with?

p.s. They haven’t paid me for this endorsement.  Beyond my order info they have never even heard of me!

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