I have lost my mind: Painting the House Part 3

We are now ready for color!

Months ago when  I realized I would need to paint the outside of my house the next thought is – what color?  In the past I have found colors mostly by serendipity.  They found me, just like they say your pets find you.  (Like my awesome dog who is sleeping next to me while I write this.) Other times I saw something somewhere and had to have it, like the green in my living room. Either way I don’t like to think about it too much.  I feel color is more of a feeling, a love affair if you will.  I currently obsessed with this deep cobalt blue I am dying to paint the next piece of furniture that comes through the shop.

Don’t get me wrong, there are considerations to be made.  The style of the house I believe is important.  For a lot of years before I bought this place, the character was taken out.  I am trying to put that craftsman bungalow back in so getting a color that would aid that aim was important.  You also don’t want to have the same color as everyone else on your block, or at least I don’t.  It has been said one or twice that I might like being the center of attention.  Thirdly, I am not the only one who lives here.  Although I am quite certain Opie could can less what the color is as long as there are cookies, The Boyfriend cares.  And you can only buy him off with so much ice cream.

So I found a house that is now an insurance agency with a color that would be a great idea. It was eye catching in a good way and far enough away that no one would think I stole it.  It’s a classic color combo so I guess I probably didn’t, but I have a design business so it makes me looks bad to say I have been copying things down the street.  I got paint chips and waited until the business closed to compare them to their walls.  I looked like a psychopath lurking around and was waiting for someone to call the cops.  “I swear officer the only thing I am stealing is paint color ideas!”

I had done some research and was reading the best exterior paints were at Sherwin Williams.  I then found out they were having a 40% off sale that weekend.  I like sales.  A lot. So we made out final decision and bought some paint.   We got Exterior Resilience in Poolhouse for the shingles, then extra white and a black for the trim and detail.

Here is a sneak peak:



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