I have lost my mind: Painting the house Part 4

My house is blue!!

After many days of painting my house is finally blue.  With The Boyfriend’s (“TB”) help it went much faster per coat.  With both of us working it was more like 2 days per coat which still seems like forever.

I am not the biggest fan of being up on an extension ladder.  I don’t like all the air underneath that I can fall through.  It’s residual trauma from an old hayloft ladder when I was a kid.  I will get up there if I have to but would prefer not to.  This is where TB comes in very handy.  I worked on painting as high as I could reach and he worked on the high spots.  I did get on the roof to paint the back peak since that isn’t as scary.

Our biggest obstacle now is the weather.  We have been overwhelmingly blessed with warm weather in October.  For the most part I have been painting in shortsleeves so I cannot complain.  But now we are getting to the end of the month so things are going to change.  Today it’s raining, we may be good for tomorrow but Saturday the weatherman says snow.  Yes, snow.  We haven’t even had our first frost or turned on the heat.  So we are painting while we can and trying to get as much done as possible before I really have to accept summer is over.  That’s a hard one for me and I have been known to wear flip flops in January just because I miss them.

So here is a before picture of the house as a reminder of the harvest gold color.

Here is my high tech computer model of what the front of the house will look like so we knew what went where.

(Ok, so the only part of this picture that is high tech is the part where I took a picture of my drawing with my Iphone.)

You will notice that the plan has blue in the peak above the door where it used to be white.  A lot of houses have that scallop trim in the peak which is usually painted white.  Instead ours has the same house shingle all the way up so we opted to continue to paint all the shingle blue.  There was too much white before so this breaks it up.

And here it is after the blue.  We still have the green posts that need to be painted black and, well, all the other miles of white trim to strip and paint but at least we have progress!


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