The Habitat Luncheon Desk Before

So last we spoke, I told you that I was chosen as a Featured Designer for the Habitat for Humanity Women Build Luncheon.  Each of the four designers was given a budget of $150 to spend at the ReStore to pick pieces we would makeover in some way.  We would then return the pieces to Habitat who will then auction them off as a fundraiser.  I also mentioned that Donna from DNB Events is doing all the press for the event, is a friend of mine and was the one who put my name up for consideration.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat for Humanity


She and I had spoken about what the event might be when she asked if I was interested. She had mentioned at the time they were looking to have the designers refinish three pieces for the auction.  When I received my official invitation letter it only mentioned the budget amount.  I of course still had the number three in my head so when I went shopping last Saturday, I searched for a long time to find three great pieces for under $150.  Yesterday I went back to pick up my pieces and someone mentioned that I seemed ambitious to work on so many.  Other designers had only picked one or two!  There was a moment when I thought I should change my mind and do less.  But then I realized that I already had plans for all of the pieces and didn’t want to give any of them up.  Plus three pieces will hopefully raise more money!

So in about a month when I am going crazy and making sure everything is finished I will look at back on this and think I was crazy.  But then again when have I have been known to do something small.  And I have wanted to start working out more.  I am reminding myself that after all the sanding and staining, my arms are going to look killer.

Today I introduce you to our first piece to refinish for the luncheon.  It was the first one I picked out.  I love the clean lines (read: less hand sanding) and the wood grain.  This is a picture from the ReStore.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Desk Before


It looks pretty grungy and the top is rather stained.  The finish is flaking off in a lot of places which may make it easier for me to get it off.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Desk Top Before

One of the first things to grab my eye was the shape of the hardware.  It’s a little grungy in spots so it needs a good cleaning at the least.  I am still up in the air about doing anything else to them.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Desk Hardware Before


Since I picked up the pieces yesterday afternoon, I have already been working.  Having three to do in a month is a bit much but I’m in it now so I better get to work!  Let’s just hope Lincoln takes a lot of long naps.


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