I have lost my mind: Painting the house Part 5

So now that the shingles are all blue we move on to an accent color.

I have an overall vision for the front of my house that will take me awhile to complete.  This includes taking out the metal framed windows enclosing the porch (that are actually just storm windows) and replacing with wood framed screens and storm windows.  Until they are built, I am not allowed to do any kind of demo on the windows, per TB.  So for now the best way to make the porch look a bit better and offer more architecturalness (my new word), we started painting some details black.  We used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in gloss.  I should have gone maybe with a satin to match the white satin trim paint I had already bought, but I kind of forgot what I already bought until it was too late.  Oh well, moving on.

So before the porch posts were painted a hunter green but they appeared to float since everything else was painted white.   They didn’t look like they were holding anything up.  So we painted the posts and the wood cross piece above in the black.    This gives the porch some definition and the house an accent color.



We haven’t figured out where else the black will be an accent yet but we are also running out of warmth to paint in so we have some time to figure it out.  Next we concentrate on the white trim which is a looooong process.

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  1. theBoyfriend

    I’m a big fan of “being done for the winter”.


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