We Are Back!

As you can see, our page is back!

I want to say I am very proud of myself for researching and solving the problem.  I want to say that I didn’t spend hours “fixing” things only to make bigger messes. I also want to say I didn’t start cursing very loudly and I that I didn’t give up, rent a movie and work my way through the beer in the fridge.  I want to say all of those things but they are only partially true.

I must admit that this miracle is due more to dumb luck.  While trying to figure out something that I must have done that is screwing up something else, I stumbled upon the issue and deleted it.  I’m sure that wasn’t the way to do it but hey it looks back to normal and my computer hasn’t blown up yet.  I declare victory!

About the only thing I miss about the corporate world is the IT guys.

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