Who knew broccoli was such a fighter?

So last year I planted some broccoli for a fall harvest but I did it too late. It never really had a chance to grow before it was winter.   It got cold and I never pulled it out of the ground.  Since it was so mild this year it never died off.  To my surprise, in the last few weeks this broccoli plant has started growing again.  Seriously, like it was a movie on pause and I hit the play button.

To my surprise a little head of broccoli has started on one of the plants.

There are  two things that makes this rather funny to me.  One, I tried to grow broccoli last spring and the cabbage worms ate every last leaf on the plant in two days before they were 5 inches tall.  I came out one day and there were just green stems sticking out of the ground.  Two, I am going to rotate my crops this year (to avoid pests and disease) and the broccoli was going somewhere else.   Here I want to put the tomatoes which don’t get along with broccoli.

I have read that after you harvest the main head of broccoli you can leave the rest of the plant and smaller heads will grow from the stalk.  Since I had never gotten this far I had never seen it but low and behold it’s true!  Look at the little baby heads of broccoli starting further down the stalk!

And while I am excited to have finally grown broccoli it’s also completely messing up the garden plans I have been working on. But while I’m working that out at least I will be eating some broccoli!


  1. Barbara

    Kelly! Lovely to have met you yesterday. Super cool that we have not only Etsy in common but also gardening! I look forward to more updates. I tweet about mine – let’s connect on there when you sign up.
    best, Barbara
    p.s. the donut place was closed!

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      Hello Barbara! It was great to meet you as well. I will work on the Twitter but it may take a bit. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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