A big day for Opie

So today is one year since we brought Opie home from the Monmouth County SPCA.  One year since I walked in asking about him (I saw him online) and they tried to show us other dogs.  One year since we walked through the shelter with all the dogs saying “pick me!” except Opie, who was more concerned with his bone.  One year since three different people at the shelter asked why I wanted to take him home and then told us “Good Luck” with a chuckle. And one year since we went for ice cream on the way home since TB said I could only get a dog if we got ice cream after.

He had a big day.  Finally broke through the stitching on the lamb toy and got to tear out the stuffing all over the house.  He was so proud he insisted on being in the picture I was taking of the mess.

We went for a walk in Red Bank, got a bone at the store and then after dinner he got his very own dog cake to celebrate.  It’s been a good day.


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