Our first harvest

Everything is starting to really grow around here.  I think we have been transplanted to Seattle like we are in the new NBC Wednesday night drama.  It feels like it has been raining for months.  Granted it was beautiful and sunny this weekend and don’t think that I didn’t enjoy it.  I attended a few lovely BBQs and a house warming party.  The problem is that I need it to be sunny when I am actually home and working.  It’s very hard to get large pieces of furniture sanded in the rain.

I may think this monsoon season in NJ is a drag but my little plants think it’s pretty awesome.  Everything is sprouting up and I am so proud. Proud mostly that I didn’t mess it up.  In fact there are tons of little seedings everywhere and I have no idea what they are.  When I planted the seedlings I also planted some marigold seeds around the tomatoes and peppers.  I have never grown this type of marigold, or any other type frankly,and I’m not sure what’s marigold and what’s weed.  I am just playing the waiting game until something turns into something I recognize and I can either protect it or pull it out.

We got our first chance to eat something out of the garden this year.  Sunday morning I went out and picked some spinach and some arugula.  I really had no idea what I was going to use it for but it looked so good I had to bring it in.  While surveying my lands I also noticed that there were a few strawberries ready to be picked.  I was so excited I ran inside to show TB.  He was only mildly excited since I woke him up on his birthday to show him lettuce.  He grabbed a sprig of arugula to taste and I made him tell me it was better than the arugula at the store.  He obliged just to shut me up and I didn’t care.

So here are the first garden pickings.  There is plenty more lettuce left outside but I didn’t want to waste it.  I also realize that there is nothing in the picture to judge scale but let me just say these were the smallest cutest strawberries.  Not perfect and factory farmed but odd shaped and tiny so you can tell I actually grew them.


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