This place is a mess

I know I have been rather scare around these parts lately.  It is not because it’s summer and I am sitting at the beach getting tan.  I don’t really tan.  In fact when I went to Vegas a few years ago, a guy came up to me and asked if I had any sunscreen he could borrow.  He then explained that he looked for the whitest girl in the place knowing I would have some in my purse.  Not only was he right but I probably had an assortment of SPFs to offer.

So what have I been doing?  A lot.  The plan for spring was to finish making the hole of sand where the pool used to be into something, work on some furniture and plan a wedding.  Enough to fill my days for sure.  Then there was the moment we realized that my Uncle was going to have surgery and would be recovering for a long time so if we wanted to do the floors in the office it was now or never.  Who cares, just wait until later, right?  Except for this.

This is the pile of wood flooring.  In my sunroom.  That leads to the back patio.  If we want to use said sunroom or have a BBQ without stepping over large piles of wood we would have to move it.  Except there is no where else to put this much wood in a small house.   So we changed the plan and set out to install the floors.

The hardest part of the floor installation was the hangover as discussed here.  My uncle’s friend Howard was awesome and sanded and finished it with no problems.  The floor is great.  The mess we have isn’t from the actually work but from clearing the room out.  We have furniture everywhere.  TB has set up the sunroom, using furniture I have yet to refinish, as an office.  He is thrilled about this by the way.  All of the books are stacked everywhere.  Everything is everywhere.

What is that you said?  Why isn’t everything back in the room since I posted about the floor weeks ago?  Yes well two things added to this little mess.  One – I had to remove all the old trim to install the floors.  The paint was falling off in section and couldn’t be reinstalled without some kind of refinishing.  And if we put everything back now we will have to move it all again to reinstall the trim.  Two – this is the only room that my step father didn’t get to rewiring so the outlets are attached to cloth covered wire. Yay!

I am tackling the trim while a licensed electrician works on the wires. I don’t touch things I don’t know about that can burn my house down.   Tomorrow I will give you an in depth look into how the trim refinishing is going and why you may or may not ever want to take it on.  There have been times of joy and times where I was two seconds from throwing a sander.

I will leave you this shot of some trim soaking up some paint stripper.

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