Wine Crate Jewelry Box

So as previously mentioned, I was gifted with an assortment of beautiful wine crates that someone didn’t have the heart to throw out.  I jumped at the chance to give them a second life. Slowly I have been going through the pile and trying to figure out what each of them is meant to be.  That’s one of the biggest mysteries of doing these makeovers.  I feel like a high school guidance counselor helping to direct youngsters into their new career.  Some are easier than others.  In fact I am looking at a table right now that I have no idea what to do with.

Today’s project just seemed obvious.  I don’t have any before pictures since, well, it looked like a wine crate.  And because I haven’t really change it so much that you can’t imagine what it looked like before.

Here I present to you the wine crate jewelry or keepsake box.

I have cleaned and sanded the crate then applied PolyWhey in semigloss for durability.   There is a latch in the front to keep it closed and the lid is hinged.

Inside I have added a layer of cork to protect both the bottom of the box and its contents from damage.  I decided not to glue it so that it would be removable.

This box is really a blank slate.  It could be for jewelry with antique tea cups inside to hold your earrings.  Or maybe this is where the recipes from grandma go.  Or maybe it is a place to stash some paperwork in your office so everyone thinks you are awesomely organized.   Whatever.  If you like it, pop over to the shop where it’s for sale and take a look.

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