Another reason the neighbors think I’m crazy.

It is the time of year where I regularly walk around outside in my yard and look for any signs of life.  In the five years since I bought this house, there have been many discoveries because you never know what’s going to happen.

The first year was a complete surprise.  I bought the house 10 days before Christmas.  (I hosted Christmas dinner for my family and was barely unpacked.)  Once spring came I would hunt around in the yard daily (more than daily) and look to see what had been planted.  Tulips are my favorite and I was so excited to find that first one popping through the soil.

Over the years I had tried to add a bunch of bulbs to the garden to slowly build up my spring garden.  All was going so well until last year.  My guess is that for every ten bulbs that were in the ground, one came up.  And even of those, not all bloomed. I am guessing it might have to do with how warm it was last winter.  Bulbs like to hibernate in some cold before getting to work.

With the wedding last fall I didn’t get around to planting any more.  I did plant bulbs for my Gram in her garden at her new house but never got to mine. She had a rock garden when I was small that she loved and making sure she had one now that she is back in NJ was more important.  Since it’s been pretty cold around here lately and we have gotten a bit of snow, I have high hopes for what is to come.

The other morning I took a wander around my yard.  Below you will see the wonderful things I found.  I began jumping up and down like a 3 year old and yelling for TB to come outside to look.  Another reason the neighbors think I’m crazy.

On a side note, we mulch up out leaves in the fall and then use them as free mulch to protect the plants from freezing.  So in this case I meant for leaves to me everywhere instead of just being lazy.

Let’s start out with the sedum.  We dug this up to make room for the asparagus, chopped it in half and shoved it in a weird spot. They didn’t care.  They are one of the first things up.  These guys are very hardy.

This is a hyacinth.  Apparently I didn’t kill them all in the yews are in / hydrangeas are in project.  And yes you can see crushed brick in the soil.  It’s everywhere.  Some past owner must have thought the soil was missing rocks.  Everywhere.

These are the daffodils by the front door that came with the house.  If nothing else comes up, these always do.

Next are the daffodils I planted by the hydrangea I moved a few years ago.  I either have terrible aim or they got up and walked because they are now a cluster right on top of the hydrangea (which already has leaves forming!)

And finally, there are tiny little tulips!!!

I hope all of your gardens are starting to bloom too.  There is nothing like a springtime garden.


  1. Emily

    Here in the great white North (Ontario, Canada) we still have snow in many of our communities. It’s not warm enough for buds yet, but I get as excited as you do! Spring is my absolute favourite season! Thank you for sharing your photos…it gives me hope that the snow IS going to melt again. I usually begin to give up hope around the end of February…. 🙂

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      @ Emily – We got very little snow this year and I miss it. I do not however miss the cold. Spring is coming!


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