Due Dates are just guesses

So today is my due date.  I was so sure I was going to have this baby early. But so far no baby.  TB always said I would go late since, well, I am late to almost everything.

In the meantime we have been working like crazy to get this house in order.  I have been trying to document all the changes and have taken pictures but as soon as the work is done I am usually too tired to tell you all about it. There have been days that I have had to sit down and take a rest before I got in the shower because that was just way to much work!  Mind you, TB is the one doing most of the work because I’m not really allowed to do anything.  No being on ladders, no painting, no carrying heavy things.

Hopefully I can start getting something written around here and show you all the good work that has been going on.  I know it may be a little crazy to think that I will have time once the baby gets here to blog a lot when I haven’t had time without a baby here.  It’s called denial and I am fully in denial at this point.

Here is a picture of me last week at 39 weeks preggo.  When my mom bought that shirt for me in the beginning of my pregnancy I almost returned it because it was so big and I was never going to fit into it.  That was back when I could still see my feet!

39 weeks


Please ignore the door that is all scratched from Opie insisting he needs to go bark at the mailman on the porch Right Now.  I would usually stand against a better background but there isn’t much free space anywhere right now.  Most of the available floor space in every room has something piled on it so the spot where it used to be can be worked on.

We are in the home stretch with a lot of the changes around the house which is so awesome.  Books are going back on shelves and things are being put away.  Which is so awesome. Opie is excited that he doesn’t have to jump over random construction materials like a horse just to get to his dinner.  If this baby gives me until Friday this house is going to look great!!


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