Midcentury Modern Dresser

So let’s get back to some furniture makeovers, shall we?

In the early fall I was 8 months preggo and going to a ton of garage sales.  Instead of slowing down I was ramping up since I needed things to fill up the shop.  I don’t know if people felt bad for me or I just got lucky but I found a bunch of great pieces.  I often find two types of garage sales: the ones who think everything they own is worth a fortune and the ones who will give you a great deal because they don’t want to bring whatever it is back in the house.  I ran into a lot of the second type which was awesome.  I went to one house where they were so nice and seeing my enormous belly, were already moving things to my car before I could stop them!  The husband said this dresser was not going back in the house and was either getting sold or going to the curb.  Now I couldn’t let that happen.

So in my truck went the dresser.  It’s a nicely made Bassett dresser in good shape but the finish was pretty rough. I’m guessing it’s vintage but don’t know for sure.  Since I couldn’t use any Soygel stripper it was off to the backyard to sand.  And sand.  And sand.  After I was done I thought of how noisy it must have been for Lincoln in my belly.  I think it’s turned out to be an advantage because he sleeps thorough anything.

After the sanding there was the walnut stain and white paint from Safecoat.  To protect the stain I added a clear coat of Polywhey floor finish in satin.  The floor version in satin looks a lot more matte and gives the impression of a wax finish while the furniture version has a bit more sheen.  I have some left over from our reclaimed floors and I like the different look it gives.  The midcentury modern look has clean lines that I love.  The dresser didn’t require hardware so there was one less decision to make – very important when you are very pregnant.

Here is the before picture.  I of course almost forgot the before so you can see I am mid sanding job here.




And here is the after.

KSD Bassett 1


Sometimes when redoing furniture, you don’t always love it.  This isn’t one of those times.  As soon as the stain went on and the grain came out, I was in love.  I wish I had room to keep it!

If you love it too then head over to the shop where it’s for sale.


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  1. the cape on the corner

    wow, I love this. I have a piece we are redoing, but I can’t decide on the paint/stain combo. do I just stain, or paint the sides and top but not the drawers, or vice versa. what did you do here? Is just the part between the drawers painted and the top and bottom? haven’t seen this done before.

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      @cape on the corner – I just wanted to have a little white so I only painted the cross pieces that hold the drawers up and the top. The drawers, sides and legs are stained. I think it depends on how much white vs stain you want and if you are trying to cover damage that won’t stain well. Any combo will work I just happen to like more wood!

  2. Karen

    I love it when I have a day of cheap garage sale treasures! Your dresser turned out absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing at Redouxinteriors!


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