Trying to have a schedule

It’s been a little while now since Lincoln has come into my life.  Now that I am beginning to get my bearings a bit I am starting to look at how my new life will work.

I always tended to over schedule myself.  Now I go to bed thinking of what I will do tomorrow and it’s almost laughable the list of things I think I am going to get done.  In reality there are days I am eating dinner and wonder if I ever even brushed my teeth. Lincoln is such a good baby that I can’t even imagine how hard life would be if he weren’t.  And I am frequently caught between wanting to get things done to feel some sort of accomplishment and just wanting to snuggle because he is growing so fast.

TB and I have such irregular schedules and were starting to feel like we never got anything done yet never relaxed either.  We decided that we needed to start scheduling time for not just feedings and meals but also blocks for each of us to get work done.  I made a geeky spreadsheet we could print out that looks like an appointment book page so we would both know where we were supposed to be.  We just started it but I will say it was wonderful to know I had a 2 hour block to go downstairs to the shop and paint the other day.  I got so much done and came upstairs feeling so much better.  Before I would try to steal away and would feel guilty that I was taking too long.

While looking at other ways to get my schedule under control, I realized I was just spread too thin right now and had to cut somethings out. I have decided to close up my booth at the antiques shop and I moved everything out last night.  It’s hard enough to get to work on furniture and signs at home.   Being able to get things to the shop and curating a space was just not happening.  It took me two weeks to get a completed desk up there, two weeks a finished product was sitting in my basement instead of on the shop floor for sale.  (Luckily it sold right before I came to move out!)  I have found now that there is a car seat in the back, there is a lot less cargo room in the Blazer!

Frankly, the shop became stressful.  I would pour on the guilt that I wasn’t doing my best and this wasn’t the way I wanted my name represented.  And everyday I was paying rent which is stressful too.  So I decided to stop making myself crazy for now.  When I can get myself better scheduled I can look at some other opportunities to maybe consign my stuff somewhere.  There is enough stress/guilt that comes with being a new mom so I didn’t need to add to it feeling like a crappy shop owner too.

I am excited to get started on creative things and new projects.   It’s relaxing to get in work mode and really get into some project.  A lot of the pieces I had at the shop never got photographed before they were sent there.  Without photos I couldn’t blog about them or list them on Etsy so now I can do that.    I have a ton of funny signs that I would love to share.  There are a bunch of projects (like Lincoln’s room and furniture) that I never shared.   So this is where I am going to focus my time for now.

And here is a smiling baby picture just because, well he’s cute.



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