Green baby

I spent a lot of time while I was pregnant researching not only baby stuff but nontoxic/ecofriendly/green baby stuff.   As you know we are on kind of an eco journey around here and I am always looking for ways to do things a little better.  Of course bringing a teeny tiny vulnerable person into this house only made that idea all the more important.

So the psycho researcher in me + time on my hands because I wasn’t allowed to do anything = a lot of research.  I tried to put together a registry of things that we would

a) really need and use

b) wouldn’t take up a lot of floor space in our small house

c) wouldn’t be cheap, plastic crap

d) would last a long time instead of being soon destined for the landfill.

I have to say I was a little worried about my family and friends would think and I expected a bit of pushback.  Did I really need the organic whatever?  Why was the thing everyone has always used not good enough for me?  I have to tell you that I was very pleasantly surprised to find out there was none of that.  At least not to my face!

There is a joke that says it is in fact possible to eat organic without telling the whole freaking world about it.  In other words, people get preachy and think they know it all and need to tell you what to do.  When you are pregnant the same thing happens so it’s like a double dose of nosy people in your face telling you they know better!  I have tried hard to not be that person.  When people ask about something because they are interested, I am happy to explain. I just try not to push it. I hope I am as good at it in reality as I am in my head.

Because the eco thing is so “trendy” there are many companies out there that tell you that your baby needs some kind of crazy lotion for $40 a bottle because it’s organic.  There were a lot of things that I had to figure out whether they were really worth the money.  It was a lot of reading reviews and other blogs to see what the real moms who have been there said.

I don’t want the focus of this blog to change into baby crazy central but I thought the idea of eco stuff for the baby still fit here and you guys might be interested.  When I was looking for recommendations, there weren’t a lot out there so maybe I can let you know what helped me.  Since this whole mom thing is old hat now that the Linc is 4 1/2 months old I can tell you what worked and what was a waste.  As I go along and really like something I will let you know.   I will put all of this stuff under the Green Baby category (at the right) so it’s easy to search.

And if any of you out there have things to add please speak up in the comments.

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