Vintage Rocking Chair

Today I have a different kind of makeover for you.  For this one I didn’t even pick up a paint brush.

A little while back we were at a salvage place looking for supplies for the house.  It’s amazing what you can find at these places.  If I can ever get some good pictures I will show you the pretty things we made with reclaimed lumber. It’s amazing how it cost the same as new but it so much stronger and better looking.  Anyway, while we were there I wanted to take everything home but of course TB wouldn’t let me!

What I did come home with was a vintage, solid wood rocking chair.  It’s one of those chairs you sit and immediately remark how comfortable it is.  In fact I believe TB stayed seated in it while we were negotiating prices.  It’s not too big so it feels really comfy.  The paint isn’t original but I didn’t want to touch it.  Although chippy isn’t my go to thing, this has a very cool chippy look that I couldn’t mess with.  Instead it just got a good all over cleaning.

The upholstery on the other hand wasn’t so great (although in this picture the paint looks pretty bad too!)

Ridiculous Redhead Vintage Rocking Chair Before

It’s one thing for a rocking chair to remind you of grandmas.  It’s another if the upholstery does.

So off with the sage colored dingy flowers.  On with the nubby linen-ish fabric in off white.  It gives the chair a cleaner look that I thought would be a better fit in most homes.   If you like it pop over to the shop where it is for sale.

Ridiculous Redhead Vintage Rocking Chair 1

Here is a close up of the chippy paint.

Ridiculous Redhead Vintage Chair 2

And another of my favorite part, the arm that looks like it has been well worn over the years.  Many hands using it as support to get out of the chair over and over.

Ridiculous Redhead Vintage Rocking Chair 5


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