Asbury Fresh Market

I am very excited that this Sunday I will be at the Asbury Fresh Market!  It is 11am-4pm in Kennedy Park which is at the corner of Cookman Ave and Grand Ave in Asbury Park, NJ .

I have been working to get myself organized and packed up ahead of time.  This goes against everything in my DNA.  I like to have everything planned out in my head for weeks and then cram everything into the 2 days before.  This time I am trying my best not to cram.  Mostly I feel like my days rarely go the way I want them to now that I have a tiny person around and leaving everything to the last minute would just be dumb.

In the past I have brought a lot of furniture to shows and it’s an ordeal.  Loading and set up is exhausting and then you stand around all day and talk with everyone.  Then you have to load what you didn’t sell back in and go home.  And unload when you get there.

So since this is a smaller artisan market I will only be bring a few small pieces of furniture with me.  But I will be bringing a ton of smaller stuff:

Like tons of signs.  I have been making batched of them for weeks.

Ridiculous Redhead Eco Wood Sign Wrong

And flour sack reusable bags.

Ridiculous Redhead Reusable Bag 77


There will also be other surprises.  I haven’t decided which furniture pieces are coming yet and it may be decided on what will fit into the car.

Since this is the first time I will have so many signs, I needed new displays for the booth.   I needed something lightweight and portable, affordable (i.e. cheap) while still looking nice.  After much online research I came up with a great design and put them together this week.  I set up the tent and the displays as a dry run but it was hard to see in the pictures I took quickly.  I will get better pictures at the market and put together a tutorial if all goes well.

I hope to see you all!  Oh and sign up for our newsletter so you can find out about sales and events only the cool kids know about.


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