New found furniture

As you know I have been trying to figure out my schedule so I can fit everything in.  I have been working on a lot more signs because they are much easier to stop at anytime in case the baby wakes up from a nap.  I can fit a little work in here or there.  With furniture I can’t just stop in the middle. Stopping leads to weird lines in paint and stain that aren’t easily fixed.  On top of that, if I am covered in paint or paint stripper I can’t just walk upstairs and pick up L from his crib.  I need to shower first.   So furniture is something I have to schedule more, with blocks of time laid out where TB can be on duty.

As you can imagine finding blocks of time isn’t always easy.  And if I do find a block of time to sand, which has to be done outside, it will rain.  Stupid weather. This is the reason for the slowdown in furniture makeovers.  That and the ones I have done haven’t had pictures taken. I may just walk around my house this week and take pictures of everything.  I will have enough blog posts for weeks.

I am still looking for furniture though since that takes time.  I found a few pieces recently that I hope to get finished soon so I can share the after photos.

First is a toy chest. I saw this on Craiglist and noticed that it looked like real wood. It seems to be simple pine but we’ll see once I strip it.  I am also thinking that I may use this as a tutorial on paint stripping since it’s a simple shape and doesn’t have a ton of layers. I have such lofty goals!

Ridiculous Redhead Toy Chest Before

The inside was covered in a “festive” contact paper which didn’t last long.  I had to know what was under it. They also left some cedar blocks inside which was very thoughtful.   Luckily it doesn’t seem to need them.

Ridiculous Redhead Toy Chest Inside Before

The other piece is a dresser.  I like dressers.  Chairs are so much work with all their legs and spindles.  But dressers can be a simple job.  And everyone needs a dresser so they sell well.  I saw this one online and over breakfast mentioned it to TB.  He was actually more receptive than I thought but I knew the next question was “Where are you going to put it?’  I knew I could find room.  Luckily I had a rocking chair that had to go and I sold it that afternoon.  By the time TB came home with the dresser there was a spot for it.

Ridiculous Redhead Pineapple Dresser Before

Different people have different ways to keep track of all the furniture they refinish.  I have everything numbered in my inventory but I also have nicknames because I will remember those in my head.  Sometimes it’s simple like ‘the blue dresser’ or ‘Sharon’s Chair’ because my Aunt Sharon found it for me.  I wasn’t sure what I would call this one until I was taking these pictures and noticed the hardware.  Now I am calling it the Pineapple Dresser.  I have no idea how I will use the hardware because I don’t like brass but I think they are fun.  I don’t even know if that’s a flower or what but it reminds me of pineapple so I’m going with it.

Ridiculous Redhead Pineapple Dresser Hardware Before


If you are interested in either of these pieces and would like to have them refinished to match your home, let me know!


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