New Custom Baby & Wedding Signs

As I’m sure many of you have experienced at one point in you lives, life events tend to happen in waves.  One day you are 30 and realize that you will be attending a wedding every weekend for the foreseeable future.  And then all of the sudden a bunch of people are preggo or have kids.

I haven’t had this happen as much with our friends as our family. TB is one of three cousins that got married within a year of each other.  I thought we all just saw each other often in his family.  Little did I know it was because of all the engagement parties and bridal showers!  Now there are babies.

Recently I thought, “My signs make great gifts.  People give a lot of gifts at weddings and to new moms.  Maybe I should offer custom signs for those occasions!”  I thought I was brilliant but looking back it seems kind of obvious.

I used Lincoln as a sample so everyone could see what the custom sign might look like. On the first one below I have his whole name, birth date and birth weight.  On a another sample (on Etsy) I kept it simple with just his first & middle names and his birth date.  Some people don’t like to make decisions so this gives them options but I could really do anything.

I have a custom listing set up in the shop for the Custom Baby Name Signs if you’re interested.

Ridiculous Redhead Baby Sign 154 e3


I had someone request a custom sign for her anniversary for her husband.  She was looking for a 5 year anniversary present and traditionally the 5 year anniversary is wood!  So with that in mind I put together a sample board for our friends.  I used the numbers for the date but it could also be written out since there was plenty of room.

Ridiculous Redhead Wedding Sign 155 e1 rr

I am really enjoying making these signs.  It’s fun to see what people come up with and I love finding funny things to write on them.  And what I really love is something I made is being given as a gift to someone else, literally all around the world!




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