I have been talking a lot lately about how I am working on growing the business now that Lincoln is a bit older.  I have told you about the Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0 course that I recently wrapped up.  I learned so much and have a long list of things to put into action, all of which will be done a lot slower than my impatience would prefer.

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to take the course was to learn how to network better and meet other people.  It is a lonely life sometimes working in a shop (by yourself), blogging (by yourself), thrift store shopping (by yourself) – you get the idea.  Working at home can be really hard on your sanity.  Especially when you are staggering your work sessions with your husband’s work sessions so there isn’t a need for a babysitter. I have conversations with both the baby and the dog on a regular basis.

If you have ever met me you would know I am not a shy person.  I love to “gallivant” as gram calls it, and talk to people.  I like being social, damn it!  So this stretch lately has been hard.  TB and I are both working on our businesses and I kind of feel guilty when I’m not working.  But taking a break is important and necessary.  I have made a resolution in my head to actually go see all of the friends I have missed seeing.  There are so many people who haven’t even met the tiny person yet (and he just turned 9 months old)!

The other resolution is to work on networking for business, both online and in person.  The course set up small groups of students so we could bounce ideas off each other and ask for help.  I need to be more active in that.  There have also been some other bloggers who are looking for guest posts or sharing in other ways.  I have been hesitant to engage because frankly I’m not sure what to write about!  Crazy, me speechless.

I have started on the in person networking part, so there is progress!  My friend Nicole recently opened an Etsy shop for her longtime tea business and she came to my house for some Etsy lessons (and tea tasting).  It was exciting to be the teacher for once instead of the student!  It was nice to talk business stuff with someone besides TB who only pretends to be interested.  Next up, I am going to start attending a local networking group she is involved in that meets every other week.  It will be good to get a coffee and chat with other people.

A lot of times when you are trying to build a network you end up feeling kind of like a weirdo asking people to be your friend.  It’s like elementary school all over again.  And then one day you open your mailbox and you get to smile.  Today I received a thank you note from Nicole for helping her and a package of her tea!

Ridiculous Redhead Mad Pots of Tea

I highly recommend you check out her shop Mad Pots of Tea on Etsy.  She has a bunch of tea blends and honey but she also makes CUSTOM blends!

P.S. I wrote this last night but didn’t post until this morning because it was too dark to take a picture.  Opie and Lincoln must have heard that I was complaining about being alone.  They have been attached to me all day.  Literally attached.  They are both sitting at my feet staring at me as I type.

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