Photos are my albatross

I have been working on so many things lately.  There are so many projects I want to share with you.  So many ideas come into my head that I think you would want to read about.  And then I don’t write anything.  Why? I don’t have photos to go with the story.

Photography has always been the weakest part of my business which is unfortunate since I have an online shop and blog that require good photos.  My biggest problem is I just want to know how, I don’t want have to learn.  I love to study certain things and will read endlessly about gardening or different wood finishes.  Photography, no.  It’s like the guitar that is sitting in my closet.  I just want to know how.  I have no interest in the journey.

And the funny thing is, that’s not the way it works!  And when you have no desire to learn it really makes the whole thing tedious.  When I try to read about lighting and shutter speeds my eyes glaze over.

My lack of good photos means that there are no posts going up recently.  The blog layout I chose features photos prominently on the home page and having a bunch of blanks looks silly. It also means the new products line I started this fall hasn’t been listed in the Etsy shop.  That of course is bad for business since I can’t sell things no one knows about.

Lighting has always been hard since my house has tons of windows.  That’s sounds like a good thing but with my inexperience it just means glare and shadows.  I know there are certain times of the day when the light in a certain window is good and I can get some shots.  Except that Lincoln doesn’t nap during those times.  Or they change with the seasons and then it’s a free for all.

So one of my goals this year is to figure out a simple plan for my photography.  I want to come up with a background and basic lighting setup that I can break out and put away easily.  My most productive times these days are during naps (or late at night) so I need a quick set up, time to take photos, and a quick break down.   I would love to redo all the photos for my shop (some are still watermarked with Kelly Sherman Design) and get some of the new items listed.   It would also be nice to take some quick photos of the brilliant idea that popped into my head and get more posts up again.

Part of me wishes I had the budget to just hire someone to do the photos.  But that really goes against my “I can do that myself” nature.

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