Paper Flower Tutorial is on New Jersey Bride

A little while ago I told you that my wedding was featured on New Jersey Bride and I posted a tutorial on how I made some of the paper flowers we used at our wedding.  Soon after, I was contacted by the editor of the magazine, telling me they wanted to do a small story on my flowers!

I answered her questions and since she wanted some info on how I put it all together, I shared my tutorial.  And that was all I heard for awhile.  I wasn’t sure if they were actually going to run anything so I didn’t tell anyone except TB and my mom.  I didn’t want to jinx it.  After a few weeks I got a bit antsy and sent out an email asking if the story was going to run.  I was told yes and that it would come out in January!  I still didn’t tell anyone in case they changed their minds.

I saw something mentioned one day on their facebook page about the new issue being in stores and I couldn’t wait to go get it.  I ran to the store all excited to buy a bride magazine (which must have been funny to see since I have a wedding ring on) and ran out to the car to flip through.

And there on page 44 were my flowers.

NJ Bride Paper Flowers article Ridiculous Redhead

I took a picture of the page and sent it out to mom and TB.  I was so excited.  My work had never been in a magazine before.  And this was the print version too, which is extra awesome.

In the small article it mentions that brides can try to make the paper flowers themselves by going to the New Jersey Bride website.  When you go to the website my tutorial is on the front page!  My flowers – front page!!!  The article is basically my blog post with my instructions and pictures with the pronouns changed.  My pictures are up there with my logo on them.  It’s pretty exciting.

NJ Bride Front Page Paper Flowers Ridiculous Redhead

Go here for the tutorial article.

There are also way better photos by our photographer Jen Rutherford to show you the finished product.  There is also a really handsome picture of TB all the way at the end.

I think the funniest part of all this is I’m getting press for something that I don’t make and sell!

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