Branding with a Logo Stamp

As we have talked about before, since the name change to Ridiculous Redhead Design I have been working on my branding.  Back in September I debuted my new logo that I had custom made by a friend.  That was such a huge step in getting everything else moving.  Now the question was, how I would use the logo to build my brand recognition?

For my birthday (in August) TB told me he wanted to get me a the logo stamp I had been wanting.  He said he would have gotten it himself but I had taken too long to figure out my logo and he couldn’t get it here in time. I looked at a bunch of different places to get a custom logo stamp and surprising they are pretty affordable.  But I never actually ordered the stamp.  I wasn’t sure what size to get and I was also worried about how the tree would come out.   I was worried all the branches would be just one big blob without the grays to give it definition.  So months went by without ordering.

In mid January I finally took  the plunge.  I decided to go with a 2″ x 3″ stamp since it seemed that size would get the most use.  My plan is to stamp my recycled paper shopping bags for craft shows. (As much as I use reusable bags, you always need a few bags for shoppers who don’t have one.)  The shopping bags stamped with my logo can then be carried around as free advertising. In the past I have used labels printed with my logo but the cost adds up.  I have also been playing with my packaging for the signs I ship from  my Etsy store.  I have been trying different ideas to see which look beautiful and extend  my branding while still being cost effective and eco friendly.  I think the stamp would be handy here too. (More to come on the packaging.)

I bought my stamp from another Etsy seller, Saya Bell Stamps.  They had a lot great reviews and lots of sales.  I would highly recommend them! There listings are very clear so you know what to expect and the service was great.  My stamp arrived in its own little bag and I couldn’t wait to use it.  I realized I wasn’t sure if I even had a stamp pad in the house but then remembered I am a notary! So I stole the stamp pad from that and starting playing.

Logo stamp ridiculous redhead

Like I mentioned, I was worried that once the stamp was put into black and white (instead of grays) I would lose the definition you can see in the logo watermark in the photo above. When you order, they send a sample pdf for you to approve before they make the stamp.  Once I saw the detail I felt so much better.  Saya Bell did such a great job and made sure to get the the branches into the stamp.  I lost a few leaves in the process but I wasn’t too worried.

The biggest reason I wanted the stamp was to label my signs.  Once they were purchased and the price tag is taken off, there was no way to tell who made the signs.  So even if someone really loved it and wanted to buy another, there was no way to find out who made it! So I am now using my logo stamp on the backside of all my signs.  It doesn’t have contact info but someone can just google the name and find me, and my shop full of signs to buy.

board logo white ridiculous redhead

I also like how the stamp with the black ink mimics the wood burned letters on the other side.  Even though it’s large, the logo blends with the style.  I do have to practice getting a clear stamp though.  As you can see, I am missing the “D” in design.  Hopefully I will be selling tons of signs so I will get lots of practice!

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