The Habitat Luncheon Dresser After

Today I have for you the last of the Habitat for Humanity pieces, the dresser.   The dresser, along with the desk and the rocking chair, will be auctioned off this Thursday at the Women Build Luncheon with the proceeds going to Habitat.  If you would like to attend the luncheon and bid on these pieces click here for tickets.

I started with a dresser from the Habitat thrift store, the ReStore, after searching through huge rooms full of furniture.  Here is the story about how I found it.   And just a refresher with a before pic.

Habitat dresser before ridiculous redhead


The finish was that lovely shade of orange that so much of the old furniture is.  Since there was only the stain and a flaking poly coat I opted to sand instead of strip.  The biggest problem was the chipped veneer on the top which was patched and then sanded.

As soon as I saw this piece I knew what I wanted to do with it.  The clean lines and the metal on the legs just screamed mid century modern.  Here is the after.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Dresser After

The dresser was sanded down to bare wood (carefully since this is veneer).  Then the main body and drawers were stained with Durostain in walnut and clear coated with Vermont Natural Coating Polywhey in satin.  Since I had to fix the damage to the top I painted that white and painted the handles and bottom trim to balance it out.

You can see here how pretty the grain is.  These pictures make it look a bit splotchy but I am going to blame my photos.  My plan was to take pictures of all three pieces the morning of delivery so I wouldn’t have to move them up and down from the shop a bunch of times.  TB is very helpful moving heavy furniture but that may have been too much.  The problem that day was we had full bright sunshine which makes taking photos (when you aren’t great at it) of white furniture very hard.  We tried to find a not so sunny spot, a shady spot and then finally set up on out front porch.  My normal spot in the corner of my living room is currently occupied by Lincoln’s toys.  I was trying to avoid moving all those toys but trying to find light wasn’t much easier.

Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Dresser After Side


I love the shape of the solid wood handles.  It was what I first noticed about the dresser so I had to keep them.


Ridiculous Redhead Habitat Dresser After Handles


Come see all the pieces at the luncheon this Thursday.  And keep you eyes out tomorrow for a special treat for anyone who would like to try a new finish.

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