Whole Food Recipes: DIY Clif Bars

The next whole food recipe I have for you is DIY Clif Bars from Fit Foodie Finds.

Ridiculous Redhead DIY Clif bars wrap

We make these a lot and they are great to have on hand for snacks.  The tiny person loves them.   It’s easy to change up the ingredients to your family’s liking.  In fact I have never added chocolate chips since I’m not a fan (I know, I’m weird) and the little one doesn’t need them right now.  ( I know, cue mean mom comments.)  I do add extra nuts in their place, generally whatever I have on hand.   I have used both steel cut oats and rolled which are both delicious but different.  And I cut out the honey altogether.  The honey and the brown rice syrup together are too sweet for me, but have fun with yours.    Mine do come out more crumbly then the ones in her pictures which may be because of me cutting out the honey.

Ridiculous Redhead DIY Clif bars

Once you have chilled them and are ready to cut them into bars, I then wrap them in some parchment to make them easier to grab.

Lincoln loves these and shovels them in.  Opie will sit and enthusiastically beg for these. I haven’t worked out the exact pricing on a batch but I am guessing these would be cheaper than buying the same amount of Clif Bars.  And I know exactly what’s in them.  No weird chemicals / colors / preservatives like in a ton of kid (or dog) treats.

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