A white dresser makeover

Today for your viewing pleasure we have a lovely dresser makeover.  A friend of mine asked me to refinish an old dresser that had been at her family’s beach house for as long as she could remember and was now sitting in the basement.  She wanted to make use of it again but it needed a little work.

Here is the before pic:

I stripped the whole dresser of the old paint.  The drawers were hard to open because the bottom of the drawer had slipped out of place so I put everything back where it belonged.  Next was priming, painting (Safecoat flat white),then a clear coat for durability (VT Naturals Polywhey in satin).  To help the drawers slide better I also added some of my Kerf’s ecofriendly paste wax to the drawer sides and bottom.

I don’t usually distressed things because I feel a lot of people reeeeeally over do it.   A lot of times the distressing seems kitschy since the it’s rubbed off in a place that would never have paint rubbed off.   Call me a realist I guess.  Anyway, since the customer wanted a distressed dresser, that’s what she got.  I just made sure to keep it low key and only do it in areas that seemed right, like the front corner that might get rubbed up against a lot.

And here is the finished dresser.

TB mentioned today that our favorite mascot Opie hasn’t been featured lately and he might be feeling a bit left out.  (He reads this blog on his Ipad.)  So here he is and from the look on his face you can tell how impressed he is with this photo shoot.


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