I planned a party & got some new jewelry

So you may have noticed that I have been a terrible blogger as of late but I have a very good reason. I got married!!! Although we kept things pretty simple the planning took over a big part of our lives.   I basically stopped all furniture anything for the two weeks prior to the wedding. We had the wedding at a historic club house at the one the highest points on the eastern seaboard where the ceremony spot overlooked Sandy Hook and the NYC skyline.  It’s awesome but very empty.  You have to rent things like table, and forks.  All of this just adds to the blur of spreadsheets and notes that start piling up.  Our house became piles of wedding stuff in every corner. The good thing is everything went really well.  No one spilled red wine all over my dress like I feared.  The vendors showed up and the food was awesome.  And my friends and family proved one again that they are lushes.  We ordered a lot extra liquor and we actually ran out of a bunch of things at the end.  It was really nice that TB and I weren’t about to kill each other too by the time the big day arrived. We tried really hard not to get cranky with each other and days set aside for the beach with the dog also helped. Most importantly I got to marry TB.  Because contrary to what the wedding industry people tell you, it is the getting married that’s the important thing – not the pictures.   And now I get to get back to my life which is pretty exciting.  I miss painting things! And one more thing – we need a new name for TB.  Should it be TH (The Husband)?   TGISWFE (The Guy I’m Stuck With For Eternity) sounds a bit cumbersome.  I could just start using his name but then we wouldn’t have our own special code among the RR fans would we.  Leave some suggestions in the comments! Oh and here is a great pic shot by our friend Jill a the wedding.

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  1. One of the lushes

    Nice picture! And a really awesome wedding. (I have to say, I’ve never saved a wedding program to pass around at work before…)


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