A Greeting Before the Storm.

Last August I started this blog.  I intended to write about painting furniture and how cute my dog was.  That lasted for exactly two posts.  My third post on this blog was about Hurricane Irene.

All that seemed like a lifetime ago until this last week.  Once again buying supplies and getting ready brought it all back.  The pictures I shared of the flooded basement will hopefully not be repeated this year.  At the end of the storm we got the generator which has given us some piece of mind this time around.  I don’t mind sitting in the dark but those sump pumps have to keep pumping!

Now we are at the point where we have done all we can to prepare.  We have the batteries and the food.  The things are up off the basement floor.   I bought a 30 pack of Bud in case I needed a little sanity.  And now we wait.  The pictures from friends online show things have gotten crazy already before the storm is even here.  I am of course worried about, well, everything.

If you are in the Northeast, stay safe.  Don’t go out surfing or do any of the other dumb things I have heard have been going on.  Take care of your family and hug your dog.  It always makes me feel better.

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