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Mid June Garden Update

The weather around here has been crazy.  It rains for a week straight then its sunny but in the 50s.  I went from a fleece at night three days ago to the middle of a 100 degree heat wave today.  While this is irritating to me, the plants seem very happy. While TB has been […]

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How to build a cucumber frame

So as mentioned yesterday, I built a frame/trellis thing to keep the cucumbers from growing everywhere and taking over everything.   There are so many different options from cheap DIY to crazy expensive.  Here is an article that gives a few different ideas on what’s out there.   I took a pulled parts of a […]

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The seedlings have moved out!

It’s a big day around here!  The gardens have been planted and the seedlings have moved outside to their new homes. Just like high school, there are cliques or groups that stick together.  Some plants do not want to sit with certain other plants at lunch.   Other plants like each other so much they […]

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