New Family Photos

A few weeks ago I was on facebook and a post popped up on a moms group I follow.  It was a new photographer who was looking for some volunteers to sit for photos so she could build her portfolio.  I answered her right away and said I would love to have pictures taken of my adorable child but I was really looking for some new pictures of me.  Why?  Because the profile picture I had on my Etsy shop was one where I had to crop out the drink I had in my hand.  Not very professional!

I set up the appointment with Tiffany of Tiffany Carr Photography for a photo shoot in the park on a sunny afternoon.  We got lucky since the forecast was for rain.  Even luckier I got a spot at all since a ton of moms had responded and she is booked now for months!  Tiffany was great.  Very relaxed and sweet.  If you like our photos pop over to her page, Tiffany Carr Photography.

Lincoln and TB came with me to the park to meet her.  A smart move on her part since it’s much safer to meet people you don’t know in a public place, a good lesson to remember when buying things off Craigslist too.  It was a very casual shoot and a lot of the best pictures came from us just hanging out.  Usually my kid is a total ham and knows to smile when I pick up my iPhone but he wasn’t really into it that day.  Nevertheless he’s cute so it worked.

Here is the photo I will be using for my profile picture.  I have already updated it on Etsy and the blog, although it’s just sitting on the sidebar since I haven’t written a bio to go with it.  Baby steps.

Ridiculous Redhead Profile Pic 2


Another profile pic.

Ridiculous Redhead Profile Pic 9322


Here is that cute kid I mentioned.

Ridiculous Redhead 9343


And one with Lincoln & TB.  I have no idea why but he loves being upside down.  Like he just dives backwards at any opportunity and scares the living daylights out of me.

Ridiculous Redhead 9362


And one of him right side up so you can see what he actually looks like.

Ridiculous Redhead 9331

And one last one of Linc and I. Seriously, how cute is he?

Ridiculous Redhead 9387



  1. Kathleen

    Kelly- These pics are incredible. You look awesome, and extremely happy with your family. So happy for you! -Kat

    1. The Ridiculous Redhead (Post author)

      Thanks Kat!! I really got lucky with these guys.


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