Finished Pieces

Here are some of the finished pieces.  Click the picture to bring you to the post where you can read all about it!

KSD Gly Dresser After 334

KSD Sem Close up




desk etsy 1 048 crop ksd


KSD TCabinet After a


etsy 1 025 crop ksd


family etsy 1  022 ksd



screw it sign ksd


rr etsy 1 908 crop


casey after 1774 crop




Sharon etsy 5 838 RR


gossip 2 e2 548





etsy 5 822 crop (2) RR

jaime learn after




bb dresser E1 734 RR dry sink after 1




brooke after 1a



ridiculous redhead dresser after Kelly Sherman cane E1 784

ridiculousredhead trunk after The After


After!        After!



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